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KOLKATA: This year, Ma Durga will sail further than ever before, and her presence will be greeted everywhere - from California in the US east cost to Tokyo in Far East; from Calgary in Canada to Cape Town in South Africa. "As Bengali diasporas spread its wings, so did Replica Rolex Store. Not only is the festival being celebrated in more countries, it is being held in multiple cities and in multiple locations within a city," said artist Amar Nath Ghosh, the most successful exporter of Durga idols. Thirty-three idols worth over Re. 36 lacks are being exported this year, up from 26 idols that fetched Re. 25 lacks last year. And the way orders have been surging in recent years, exports are expected to pip the Re 50 lack -mark next year. This despite the fact that abroad idols are worshipped for at least five years.

The credit of dispatching the first Durga idol made of "SHOLA" goes to one Amar Nath Ghosh of Kumartuli. He has been at it for the last thirty years. The idols are small and extra light but used to be invariably colored white - the basic color of "SHOLA". However, with the growing demand of colors, the artist has devised his unique method. The final products are so breathtaking that the East Coast Museum of New York and Frankfurt Anthropological Museum have preserved them.

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